It’s Been a YEAR . . .

A friend suggested that I start a blog to talk about my weight loss and what I have dealt with and learned over the last year. Apparently, I’ve decided to do it . . . and that surprises me. I thought I might just let myself chicken out. After all, who in the world could possibly care about MY weight loss?

So, I got to thinking, what if there were more to it than just my weight loss? I am writing this because, while I know people don’t necessarily care about MY weight loss, I would bet my bottom dollar they care about THEIR weight loss; they care about the things they feel they have lost as they have gained. And maybe, just maybe, if we talk about those things, they will have the courage to step into something different . . . THINGS they were MADE for . . . SOMETHING that GOD Himself can help restore and build in them. But yes, weight loss is primarily what I will be writing about. But, there is so much more involved in weight loss than the physical changes . . . especially the part that comes before the “loss” . . . the “gain” . . . Through these last few months, I have often tried to figure out how or why I let myself get as big as I did. There are so many parts to that answer that I could spend all day talking about them. BUT, I am actually at a point in this journey and in my life itself where I think I WANT to talk about some of it. Therapy for me; HOPE for others, right?

During my weight “gain”, I feel like I “lost” parts of me. Important, special parts of me. And during this time of weight “loss” I feel I have “gained” back some of those things I lost . . . AND MORE! That is the reason I have named this blog “Losing Lacy”. As I LOSE girth – weight and inches – I’ve found I am gaining “THINGS”. Some things that I actually lost somehow and some things that were neatly tucked away in boxes that were never found or fully opened. Some of these things I never knew I had lost OR I had forgotten about until I found them. Some of these things I DID know were lost yet I didn’t have the desire or time or energy to recover. And yet, some things I knew were lost I have missed terribly. All of them, however, are things that I know made/make me who I am/will be.

I am launching this blog today, January 29, 2020, as today marks the one year “anniversary” of when I started down this path to better health for myself. I have lost 124 pounds and 63 total inches in the process. That is mind-boggling to me and I have learned a lot about myself, and others, through this last year.

My prayer for this blog is that through my honesty, transparency, struggle and success, you will be inspired to love yourself as I learn to love myself. You ARE worth whatever it takes to be healthy . . . in EVERY way that matters to you.

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8 thoughts on “It’s Been a YEAR . . .

  1. Lacy, you my friend are my inspiration. Not just for weight loss, but to be better! From being a mom, grandma, wife, friend, employee….heck just a better person all around. Thankful for our friendship and the times God put you in front of me when I have needed it most. Love you girl !!!

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  2. So proud of you, as your family I have known you for 20+ years and seen your struggles with weight, as you have seen mine. Now I get to see your strength and sucess, and you inspire me. Though I dont voice it, you make me want to be healthier just by watching you blossom into this happy vibrant woman that you have become on your journey. I want what you have. Reading your blog helped remind me that I have it in me I just have to make the decision to bring it out. I love you so much and look forward to reading more and seeing your success story continue!

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    1. I love you, April. So proud to call you family. You CAN do it. I know you can. And I’m here for you each step of the way. Know that!


  3. WOW Lacy, this is totally AWESOME!! I am beyond Proud of you for so many reasons (especially because I know your story about losing your precious Mama at a very young age) but most of all for sharing your Love of our Amazing God, being such a blessing and inspiration to all of us❤️❤️ You go girl, I know you will continue to inspire and touch so many lives🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️

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    1. Thank you, Kelly! I really appreciate this! Keep praying for me! I have some distance yet to cover with this weight loss journey. ❤️🥰


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