Heart and Sole

My sister, Carly, was supposed to fly here this last weekend. She was supposed to get in last Sunday, watch the boys play a few games of baseball, attend our parent’s combined 80th birthday party, have lunch with a mutual friend and then head back home, heart full of new and exciting memories. But, just like everyone else, our plans were changed due to the Coronavirus. She changed her flight to another time and will come visit when it’s a little safer for all. Ironic, because we are both not working in our respective dental offices during this time. I started thinking about her not visiting this week and, of course, I am sad. Very sad, indeed. We will see her back here in May when Ben graduates from High School. As I thought about that, it brought me to a memory about the visit to Florida we all made last May to watch her son graduate from High School. All of the wonderful memories from that trip came flooding back. It was a great week. While I was there, Carly and I went for several walks together. We talked and laughed a LOT! About everything imaginable. She was soon going to watch her son graduate. I would be watching mine graduate the following year. The day before flying out to Florida, I bought new walking shoes and really hadn’t walked in them except through the airport. My feet started hurting both during and after our walks. I went out to find new supportive inserts for the new shoes. Foot pain gone. It’s amazing what happens when you get the support you need where you may need it most. 

Not only is physical support necessary, you’ve got to include some phenomenal support from the others around you who love you and who want to be there for you. I have been blessed throughout my life to have a wonderful village to help me through some of life’s nastiest curve balls (yes, I’m missing baseball!). I have been blessed with a wonderful family, inspiring teachers, great Pastors, and a treasure trove of loyal friends. They have all supported me through the best and worst decisions I have ever made. I really don’t know what I would have done without them!

My husband and sons are at the top of the list of supportive “Lacy Fan Club” members. Last year, when I decided to start this new lifestyle, I sat them down and told them I hadn’t been the best example of health . . . not by a long shot . . . but I was ready to start doing the right things to get myself in the best place I could possibly be . . . in every area of my life. I told them it was most definitely going to be a very long road. It was going to be full of twists and turns and hardships. But I told them I needed to take this road. My life truly depended on it. I asked them for their support. I let them know that I would not be able to eat late at night as we are accustomed to doing because one of five different sports usually had us out of the house until late evening hours. And if it wasn’t eating late at home, it was eating late at whatever drive thru we could find. It needed to change for ME and that meant they would be responsible for a lot of their own late night meals because I really didn’t have the willpower or discipline early on to NOT eat if I cooked late. They were all super supportive as I knew they would be. But I had no idea just how sure a foundation they would truly be to me. As time wore on, and I was getting more and more ingrained in my new eating habits, exercise habits and lifestyle, I was able to get back in the kitchen and cook for them without being nearly as tempted as I would have been early in the game. Their support has come in many forms: they ask me if they can eat “this or that” junk food in front of me because they don’t want me to deal with the temptation if I am not up to it. They check in with me regularly to see how I am feeling emotionally and how I’m doing metally. They tell me how proud they are of me ALL THE TIME. They have even gone on walks with me. I can’t fail to mention that my parents have also been super through this last year. We often travel together to ball games (of every variety) and in the last 14 months, they have completely understood when I said we were packing our dinner to make sure I could stick to my eating plan. My mom never fails to tell me how proud she is of what I have accomplished this past year. And my dad, a man of few words, will tell me, “You’re doing just great, sister!” I am so blessed!

I have also been fortunate to have had amazing teachers and Bible teaching/preaching Pastors who helped to support me through my life also. Our family has had its share of loss. And we have had our share of tragic loss of young lives. As I have mentioned, our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual beings are connected completely. If it hadn’t been for the support of these great leaders and mentors to me I don’t know where I would be or how I would have ended up. The Pastors I have had in my life have shown me straight from God’s Word that I need to be completely grounded IN the Word. Prayer, meditation and Bible study are a big part of my life. Not always as big a part as I need it and want it to be. But it is there. And it is never-failing. I can do nothing without Jesus. Apart from Him, I AM nothing. And I am so thankful that He is there for me even in moments when I can’t reach family and friends! He has listened to me a LOT this last year about all my frustrations and fears. A LOT. 

My circle of friends may not be the largest one around. But it is a very close-knit and loyal circle. I wrote about some of that last week so won’t delve into it too much right now. They have been so good for my soul this past year. Even further, I have a great group of acquaintances. All these people are always so supportive of my path and new lifestyle. I am here to tell you that we need people! I’ll say that again because it is so true . . . WE NEED PEOPLE. God put TWO people in the Garden of Eden when He created humankind. I fully believe that we are not alone on this planet because we need others. I am such a hug-everyone-I-come-across, social butterfly. Anyone who knows me, knows that is true. My husband tells me all the time that I have never met a stranger. And he’s not wrong. I try to treat people well and support them because I know I will need them, too. What goes around comes around, right?  My life has been made so much better because of the amazing friends and acquaintances I have. One word of caution . . . you have to be careful who you let into your head. Most people really are wanting to be helpful. I know this and you probably do, too. But, you will hear different ideas about the same things from as many people as you talk to in every area of life. Listen closely . . . not everyone who you will hear is worth listening to. Some really don’t know. Some really don’t care. You have to be smart and allow in only those things that will benefit and grow you. More often than not, you will find people who would offer parenting, marital, weight loss, career, self-help, spiritual walk advice to you. That’s what we do. We experiment and learn and fail and succeed and then we share with others our experiences in hopes of helping them learn and be and do better than we have done. 

One other person who has been a huge support to me this last year is ME. I have always had a tendency to let negative self image and negative self talk tear me down. I have been learning a lot from friends and loved ones that what is in our mind really does drive who we are. So being positive has to be intentional. We have to maintain a positive self image and the best way I find for me to do that is to listen to praise music, read my Bible and pray. There is nothing better to me than hearing that I am loved and worthy of love. And I know that Jesus loved me first and loves me most. I have to keep my mind aligned with how He sees me.  Worthy and loved. And slowly but surely, the negative self talk is being replaced by more positive self talk than ever before. Just like anything in life, the more we practice the better we get at things. Treating myself well and talking positively to and about me is coming easier and easier everyday.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many people you have in your life who you can count on. What matters most is that you CAN count on them. And more important than HAVING the support you need is USING the support you need. It is a humbling thing to reach out to someone when you have a need. But however humbling it may be, it also extends to them the opportunity to bless you and receive blessings themselves. Don’t steal their blessing. Make sure you have the support you need in every area of your life. Then USE the support you need; both for your heart and your soles. 

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4 thoughts on “Heart and Sole

  1. Thank you so much ❤️ as I’m getting ready to relax and do some work. Your post popped up. WOW for some reason I needed to read it. I was thinking about last years baseball season, Arabella mentioned”I can’t use my sleeping blanket at the field that the grandpa’s gave me, our friends” Memories, family and friendships are important. But living with our Lord 🙏 faith is all we need. Thank you for your kindness and beautiful person you are ❤️ Positive ❤️💗


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