Shin Splints, Set Backs, and Strokes

My everything hurts. This was the common theme in my mind this week. Oh, and I have shin splints. I’ll get to that in a second. Our family has been working outside in our yard for the last 8 weeks. We are doing things that have needed done for a long time. And it’s been brutal on my body. Next up, getting a permit from the city so we can take down a couple sheds and build a newer, larger one. But there has been plenty of painting and staining and replacing things and yard work to last a lifetime. No, seriously. We have neglected our backyard space for far too long. For one, we are not usually home for more than a few hours at a time when the weather is nice and when we are home, we have more to do inside that always seems to take precedence. We are making up for lost time now. And two, things had run down bad enough that it was overwhelming when thinking about where to start and how to get it where we want it to be. Such is life. Now, you should know that I can’t tolerate too much heat. Not without frequent breaks, TONS of water, and lots of shade. I had a terrible sunburn and heat stroke before I ever had my first child and heat affects me in a not-so-good kind of way. I will end up with a trigeminal headache to end all headaches if I am not careful. I’ve always had to be mindful when out during the summer months watching our boys during baseball games. Anyway, I was staining the fence this last week with my earbuds in and the volume cranked up listening to my “Christian Playlist #1”. I was wearing a tank top and a pair of capri, yoga-type stretchy pants for comfort and heat control. It was almost 2 pm and I had not eaten lunch . . . not necessarily skipped it on purpose, just didn’t realize the time . . . and I started to feel a little light headed and shaky. I came into the house and took the supplements I always take 30 minutes before I eat and then went back out to finish one more section of the fence I was staining. As I stood there staining, I started feeling these pin-prick type shock sensations on the backs of my calves. I thought that it was a little strange, but didn’t want to think that there may be something wrong. I kept on working. I felt them again, this time even more, so I decided I would sit down on the stool I was using to sit on to paint the lower portion of the fencing. Then I started to feel the same sensations on the small of my back. What was happening? Now, if you know me, you know I love to be dramatically sarcastic. This was a perfect time for that. I said out loud to myself, “Oh, great. What fresh, new hell is this? Am I having a stroke? That’s it. I am dying . . . from my feet up.” I looked down at my feet to make sure they were still attached and to look at my exposed calves. I yanked my earbuds out so I could see better (haha) and heard a dripping noise coming from behind me. I turned to see where the noise was coming from. I was sitting right in front of the air conditioner (swamp cooler) and it was dripping water that was splattering just enough to hit me. Relieved I was going to live, I swore to myself that I’d never tell anyone about it. It was just SO stupid. And yet, here I am, telling you anyway.

There are all sorts of things our overactive, imaginative minds can come up with or interpret in a way that keeps us from seeing what’s really happening. Sometimes there are things we do in our lives that we don’t really ever want to let people in on. Some big. Some small. When I started this blog, I told you that I wanted to be real and transparent and let you in on my struggles as well as my successes. I really don’t think you can ever fully appreciate one without knowing the other. Well, now’s the time for that. During our “stay at home” order, I was furloughed for 7 weeks from my job at the dental office. When it first happened, I was happy to have some time with my kids and be able to get some things in order around here that, just like the back yard, have been neglected for far too long. So I did just that. The boys and I went on walks together and we played games and we had a good time despite the inner turmoil we were all feeling in our own separate ways. I will not lie to you. When it first started, I was very concerned that I would begin to slip on my eating habits, or walking, or that the stress of no income would cause me to gain weight as I am a huge stress eater. But, I was aware of the possibility. So I made a conscious decision that I was going to do even better than I had in previous months. I have been in a stall of sorts for a while. I was only losing about a pound a week. Sometimes, just a half a pound. And that’s really all right. I was still losing. Now, I’ll concede that my portion sizes had gotten a little larger in the few months prior to the shutdown. And I definitely need to be better about that. But, I made the decision to walk daily during our isolation and to eat more (yet, less) of what I knew was right. And I did. I lost 8 pounds during that 6 week span of trying harder. I was happy with that. Little did I know that returning to work when I KNEW I was going to resign from my position would be the stressor that set me back. 

I think I had known for about 2 weeks before going back that I was going to resign. And the more I thought I would fight through those thoughts and just stay where it was comfortable and familiar at the office, the more stressed I became and the less sleep I got at night and . . . Now, I am not making excuses. Not at all. Please understand that. But, by now, most of us have heard how stress and sleep can impact weight gain/loss. Between the knowledge of leaving the office and trying to deal with it and the fact that working a full 9-10 hour day again made it hard to get a walk in, I gained back 6 of the 8 pounds I lost while in our isolation. I was really disappointed in myself. I had even thought about not saying anything to anyone about it. But that’s not why I started this blog and that’s not how I want to operate. So there you have it. The struggle. MY struggle. Since leaving the office and working my own business from home, I have been walking again every day. I walk in the morning at 6:30 so I can make it home and have my coaching call with the Dockerys (business partners and leaders) at 8 am and then start working. But after not walking AT ALL for almost 3 weeks, I started having shin splints. It has happened before when I don’t walk for a couple weeks due to weather or just sheer laziness on my part. And I ALWAYS tell myself I am not going to go that long without walking ever again. And then something happens and I have done just that. And the only way I have found to get rid of shin splints for me is to walk faithfully in spite of the excruciating pain in each step and to roll my shins out with what we call “The Roller” (although I am sure there is a technical name for it). Personally, I call it “The Punisher” because it reminds me that I should have been walking all along. 

With all that being said, I am now back at it.  I have lost 5 pounds again and am resolved to work even harder to continue and get to where I really need to be. There is nothing wrong with a step back as long as you don’t live there. I have a challenge going with a group of people who are wanting to lose some weight too and I am excited to see where we all end up in 30 days. A little friendly competition and a way to be held accountable. I want to help people change their lives. And in order to do that, I need to be the best version of myself I can be. I don’t need excuses. I don’t need anything other than my “want to”. But my “want to” has to be stronger than my excuses. I am changing things up. I think I need to shock my system and jump start this next chapter. So I will be adding weight lifting to my workout routine. Sometimes, our bodies get used to the same thing and they don’t respond like we want them to. We get into a rut, so to speak. And I have heard it said that a rut is nothing more than a grave with both ends kicked out. I am not ready to bury this thing! I am nowhere near done fighting to get what I want and to arrive where I want to be.  I am recommitted and ready to do whatever it takes to make it to my goal. I feel like I am almost in the home stretch. Somewhere between second base and third. But closer to third than not. And definitely closer to my goal. It is time for that last little “kick” of energy to round third and come home. And that’s what I’m going to do. Kick. Because I can. Especially now that my shin splints are better. 

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2 thoughts on “Shin Splints, Set Backs, and Strokes

  1. I’m voting for you Lacy! I so appreciate your transparency – something I know has not always been easy with all you’ve been through. I love you, believe in you and know you will hit every goal you are serious about – physically, financially and personally/spiritually (the inside stuff). God very best blessings on you! You are setting an example for far more than you realize!


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