Sister Soup for the Soul

This last week went well overall. Again, I had moments when I could have made the decision NOT to eat something less healthful that I wanted but ate it anyway. However, those moments few, and even with those moments, I still lost about 1.5 pounds. There you have it. My weekly accountability report. I am planning on getting back to more faithful walking this week as my sister is visiting from Florida and we enjoy those walks together! I am so excited to spend the week just visiting and relaxing and loving on each other. It just doesn’t happen as often as we would both like.

As I said, my sister, Carly, is here visiting from sunny Florida. And I know I should have no excuses, but I am going to go that route anyway on this . . . I fought a trigeminal headache on Saturday and then spent Sunday preparing for her arrival and picking her up at the airport. So I am just sitting down, last minute to write this blog today. I feel it’s still important to reach out and touch SOMEone with this and I have made myself a promise that I would get a blog written each week and I am going to do that. However, I am going to make this one short so I can spend the time I want with Carly. Hope you all understand! 

I had something entirely different that I wanted to write about but then started thinking about how happy my heart is that Carly is here. She is just good for my soul. And honestly, I have had a rough year. Some things just happen in our lives that ripple out and continue plaguing us for a very long time. And I have dealt with some ripples this past year. Add to that the stress of Covid, graduating a child from HS, sending that child off to start his own path in college, leaving a career of 12 years to pursue my passion for helping others with the CBD products I am associated with and you get a soul like mine that is in need of some repair. I have had more anxiety and panic attacks in the past year than I have dealt with in a very long time. Things have happened in this last year . . . the ripple effect . . . that even my closest friends don’t know about. And that is fine. I am fine. But I NEEEEEED this time with Carly. 

Why am I telling you this? Well a couple reasons, I guess. One is that, again, I want to be transparent and honest with you about struggles and successes. But struggles especially. And I have been struggling. The other reason is that I know we ALL have some serious heartaches and struggles of our own to deal with and I want to be an encouragement to you through this blog today. I am taking steps to make sure that I am calming the waves that keep rocking my boat. I am using this time to pull from my sister’s energy and love and use that to repair myself a little. There is nothing quite like knowing you are so loved by someone else just because. They don’t have to love you. They don’t even have to like you. But they do. And it is more fulfilling than anything else. So I am telling you that you need to do whatever it takes to be loved and love in return. Find the people who soothe and speak to your soul and hold on to them. Make every effort to surround yourself with love and light. This morning, Carly, and my mom, Betty, and I just had a conversation about toxicity in relationships and how dangerous it is to remain in toxic relationships. It is painful and really difficult to walk away from people in our lives when the time and circumstance calls for it to happen. But you have to remember that you are worth whatever it takes to be happy. So this is my charge to you. Find YOUR people. Find YOUR happiness. And embrace it. Fight for it. And never let it go. Let it heal your soul so you can be the blessing to other people God meant for you to be. 

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