On Time Every Time

I am going to veer off the normal path today as it is Easter Sunday. I am keeping this really brief and short so I can enjoy the day with my family, make the salad I need to make for dinner tonight with Wade’s family and just reflect on what this day means to me. But, I want to share a couple thoughts that I hope you find encouraging. 

I woke up this morning, shortly before 6 a.m. . . . Just before my alarm was set to go off. Truly no different from any other day. My body typically wakes up just before 6 each morning. Some mornings, I lay there and think or pray or close my eyes for a few minutes again. Other mornings, I fall back asleep until the alarm does go off and everyone else in the house is set to start their day as well. I used to get irritated that I couldn’t seem to sleep until the alarm went off. It doesn’t seem to bother me now. This morning, though, I woke up knowing it was Easter. And for a few minutes I thought about what the ladies who were going to go to the tomb of Jesus were thinking. They knew Jesus. They had been made whole by Him. And I am sure they were filled with sorrow over His crucifixion and death that had put Him in the tomb they were about to visit. But when they got to the tomb, the stone was rolled away and the angel told them that He wasn’t there because He had risen from the dead. How did they feel? Elated? Relieved? Confused? Scared? Hopeful? Frustrated? I can imagine all those things and more went through their minds. And I wonder if on some level they wish maybe it hadn’t even happened in the first place. That maybe, just maybe, God messed up on the timing. Why raise Him from the dead when He could have stopped His death in the first place? I know the ONE main reason those of us who are Chirstians believe, but I think, too, maybe it was so there was no doubt about what had happened. Follow me a second. God does BIG. He does small, too, but He really goes big sometimes to leave absolutely no doubt in our minds that it is all HIM. And timing. He is the master of timing. He isn’t late. Even when we think He is. He is on time. 

This world is an oft discouraging place. We mess up. The people we love mess up. And then, at times, we face the aftermath of other people messing up. I started thinking this morning that in the moments of discouragement in our lives we just have to wait for God to make His move. I am impatient when it comes to God’s plan and His work in my life. I am impatient with a lot of things. My weight loss. My learning curve on several things. My business growth. I have a hard time waiting on God sometimes. If I am honest, I have a hard time waiting on God most times. That’s not to say I am ungrateful. And it definitely doesn’t mean that I am not WILLING to wait. I am. I would just rather not! But I think what has been on my mind today is just how perfect God’s timing is. How just when you don’t think you can’t take any more or wait any longer, He shows up and shows us what He is capable of doing for us. 

This morning, I thought more than I ever remember thinking about the ladies who had prepared all the spices and fragrances they were going to need to take care of Jesus’ body. Why would God have let them gather all of the supplies if they weren’t going to use them?  And why would He let them grieve over what had happened instead of letting them find out that Jesus was alive before they had to deal with all of that? Again, God’s timing is perfect. I think that maybe there are lessons to be learned in times of preparation. Those ladies must have been thinking a mile a minute and all those thoughts and processes they went through were for a purpose. Why is it that God doesn’t stop bad things from happening? Why can’t we as humans change what God has in mind for us? Well, simply, we are not that powerful. There is nothing we can do to change the plan God has for our lives. I truly believe that if we are to experience the “good” in life we must also experience the “bad” and “painful” things in life. Otherwise, our appreciation for the good isn’t as strong and real as it could be. In our lives, I believe that God sometimes has to let us (especially me!) come to the end of ourselves before we will truly see that it’s His doing that is about to change our situation in the first place. I am a “do it myself” kind of gal. I am strong, independent and stubborn. And I have a hard time relying on anyone for help. And I suppose in some aspects that includes God’s help. But there are times when I have run out of options, and have come to the literal end of what I am capable of doing to help myself. I believe that it is those times when God shows up, on purpose, to show me that He has it under control and that He is right on time. Never late. 

I want to encourage you today to trust God to show up for you. Trust Him to have you in all things. Remember that when we can’t do it any more, there is One Who can. He has made a way for us to Him. And He has made a promise to us that He will always be here for us. He will meet us where we are and do what only He can. He loved us enough to die for us. And remember that when we are smack dab in the middle of waiting on His timing, it is then we are growing. We are learning. We are drawing closer to HIm. And remember through Him, all things are worked out; all things are possible; all things are worth it. That includes you.

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