Sunglasses Needed

I was sitting inside about an hour ago and, because of the spring-time status in Colorado, I had all of my windows open. There is quite a wind blowing outside right now. And, just like yesterday, we are under a tornado watch until later this evening. Earlier, sitting inside with the breeze blowing through, I noticed it was chilly. I got a little cold so I decided to make a mug of coffee and head outside for some sunshine. It was lovely. I kicked my legs up on our firepit and let the lower half of my body soak in the hot sun while the upper half warmed up drinking my coffee. As I leaned back in my chair I looked up to check out the fast-moving, white, puffy clouds zooming by overhead. (Yes . . . “white, puffy clouds” is a technical, sciency term.) It was so bright I had to squint to watch the clouds moving above me. They were moving so fast it almost looked like the tree in front of them was on a conveyor belt moving in the opposite direction. There are all kinds of things to see in the clouds and I am one who could spend hours . . . literally . . . just spacing out watching them move above. I started thinking about how many times we have heard, “Get your head out of the clouds! Dreams and hopes don’t pay the bills.” Now, just like anyone who has ever heard that before, I do understand what it means. But what if they do? What if dreams can lead us to our true calling and purpose? We should have dreams and hopes and ambitions so big they scare us. 

I think we all have a future that is determined by what we do with our present. We are all accountable for our actions, or inactions, as it sometimes happens. I do believe that we live in a country in a time when just about anything is possible. It all goes according to what God’s will is for our lives, but I think if we find His will, and align ours with it, we can accomplish some amazing things. Some things take a little more work but when you actually get to reap the reward of the work you have put in . . . sometimes for YEARS . . . it is one of the most rewarding things you can experience. 

I have shared with you already that I took a break. I stopped working so hard on my physical health. Stopped being so disciplined and so focused on the things I was eating and the physical activity I was making sure I was doing daily. I can honestly say that I was almost ready in recent weeks to just stop altogether. But you know, something happened. I am not feeling as “good” as I have for the last two years. I know in part it’s my diet that has not been as healthful as it needs to be. I know in part it’s my physical exercise that is lacking. But it all boils down to understanding what I need to do and do it. I have been better these last couple weeks. But I need to stay there. And I am here to say, that is a bit more challenging than not. But I can and I need to do it. I need to stay on the path to better health for myself. Because my future is bright. 

Sure, there underneath the clouds and sun and sky exists a lot of stuff for us to clean up, take care of, and get through. Just as spring can be about cleaning up the remaining fall leaves and readying our flower beds for this year’s beauty, in the world of weight loss the clean up includes things like meal prep, and exercise, and portion control. But it is worth it. Just as I said above. It is rewarding to reap the harvest after the hard work you put in to plant the good things in your life. 

I am loving what I am doing in the present. And I do believe it is shaping my future, in more than one way. I am able to help people feel and even look better with the CBD products I have available to them. I love that so many have lost weight using our products. I enjoy getting those phone calls from folks I don’t even know who tell me that they got my number from someone they know who was helped by my CBD. I love it! I love even more when it is someone who has been frustrated with the state of their own weight and health. They have tried numerous things, just as I did, and nothing ever really stuck. Those are my people. I believe that one of my dreams is helping shape my future . . . the dream of being thinner and healthier . . . the dream of not worrying about what people are thinking about my body when they see the large frame in front of them. I have been uncomfortable with both forms of attention I have received in regards to my body . . . those glances and looks I would get because I was so big, and the comments and questions I have received after losing some weight. A year ago, the company I am affiliated with for the CBD weight loss products I sell asked me to do a testimonial with photos of before and “during” weight loss for their product. That was both an honor and a little intimidating for me at the same time. I am not one who enjoys the spotlight. But if this particular spotlight is where God placed me to help others, then I will gladly stand in it. I want to help people. But I have to continue to help myself also. 

I don’t think God ever intended for us to “just live” our lives. I believe He wants us to LIVE our life. Don’t just go through life. Don’t just go through the motions. Really DO life. Keep your head in the clouds. See what you can see in them. Let your imagination run wild. Let your dreams lead you. I am here to tell you . . . our future’s so bright we may need sunglasses to be able to see it. ‘Cause, I don’t know about you, but squinting gives me a serious headache. 

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2 thoughts on “Sunglasses Needed

  1. Wonderful as always. Wish I could try your CBD but it conflicts with some of my medications. I plan to revisit next time I see the doctor.


    1. Yes! We should definitely chat about it Rita. There shouldn’t be any interaction with any drug. Just hesitancy on the parts of doctors to allow it! Let’s chat!


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